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W1 Self Storage

Queen Anne Mews, London, london, W1G9HF

Big Yellow Kennington

289 Kennington Lane, London, Lambeth, SE115QY

Mango Storage

3-4 Waterloo Gardens, London, London, N11TY

Space Station St John's Wood Village

Kingsmill Terrace, St John’s Wood Village, London, NW86AA

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By using our website, you can make use of our simple search tool to find your nearest storage facility. You can then either read more information on that facility or submit a quote there and then.

At the same time, with your permission, we will submit your quote to two more local facilities in order to increase the chance of you receiving a reply and allowing you to compare prices. It also saves you the time of having to fill in your information more than once.

You can also benefit from our in-depth guides on storage for people moving home, storage for students, storage for large and small businesses, as well as useful tips for packing.

Things to Consider when looking for a Storage Facility

When looking for a self storage facility to rent a storage unit from, there are numerous elements to take into account:

What do you want to store?
Choosing the size of your unit can be a troublesome task for some, however, knowing what you want to store should give you a good indication as to the size of space you require. If you're unsure on dimensions, query this with the business owner when you speak to them.

Storage units can be used for storing thousands of different items including home and garden furniture for those who are moving house or simply want to de-clutter their living room or loft.

If you don't have a large garden, or perhaps you don't have a shed or garage, you can store camping gear, climbing frames, garden tools, etc.

Avid sports fans can also make use of storage units to house sports equipment, boats, jet skis, quad bikes, mountain bikes, canoes and more!

Students and graduates often rent a storage bin or locker to store their belongings near their university or college so as to save them moving it home during holidays. This can include their office equipment, desk chairs, artwork, bedding, cooking utensils, cutlery, tv's and other electronic items.

Many business owners also rely on warehouses and storage units of all sizes for their stock, tools, archives, pallets, cement mixers and lots more!

How long do you need the unit for?
The duration that you want to lease a storage unit for is perhaps the most important question to the business owner. Long-term storage facilities tend to be far more plentiful than short-term or temporary ones. If you only want a storage unit for one week or one month then many business owners won't be interested. This is something you will need to query with them.

What features do you require?
Depending on the value and weight of what you're storing, you may require extra security, a fenced/gated facility, 24 hour CCTV, access at all times, forklifts, electrical/power outlets, wifi, climate control, etc. It's up to you to know what you need and to ask whether or not the facility has what you need.

What is your budget?
Your budget is going to decide the size and perhaps the location of your storage facility. You may find that the closest facility to you has dozens of added security features which you don't need, and thus don't want to have to pay the extra rates on. A cheap or affordable storage facility probably won't be the closest one to you.

Some facilities only have very specific sizes, i.e. 20 square foot and 50 square foot. If you only require a 10 sq ft space, or even a 30 sq ft space, there's no point in paying for space you're not going to use.

The solution to these issues is to get the details of multiple local facilities so as to determine the one that closely matches your needs and budget.

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