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Archive & File Storage

There are many cases where using a storage service can reduce the operational costs of your business, as well as make life easier.

Archive and file storage for example. Though much of this is now digitised, there are contracts, invoices and other written records that need to be retained as a physical copy. These records may not be needed immediately, but may need to be found at short notice for legal reasons. It may be that your business is being audited by HMRC and you need to find receipts for a certain tax year.

So, you may have documents and files you can absolutely not throw away, but which serve no real purpose during day to day operations. You could keep them on site, taking up valuable floor space, or you could place them into storage.

The Benefits
1) Increased floor space that can be used more efficiently.
2) Increased security: Often, storage facilities are patrolled and have an extra layer of security than what you can typically expect in an office complex.
3) Low costs: It's surprisingly inexpensive to use a long term storage solution, when compared against buying your own place.
4) Archive management: Some storage companies offer a full inventory of your documents and instant document access.
5) Boxes, cabinets and even piles of documents and other objects often look untidy. So moving your stored items to a remote location can do wonders for the aesthetics of your working environment.

The Negatives
There are some cases where it's not practical to use a business storage solution. If you require the objects you are storing on a regular basis it may be a far better idea to keep them on site. It may be that you do not need the extra floor space at this time. Perhaps you have very few employees and you can easily afford to leave rooms full of documents.

Only you can decide if storage is right for your business, but in most cases, if you're already thinking about using a business storage solution, chances are that you do need it.

Retail/Stock Storage

There are a lot of reasons why businesses can make use of retail/stock storage. Storage facilities for business offer a lot of benefits and this article is going to enumerate some of them.

Clutter Reduction
Not a lot of people realize how clutter can easily build up within a business, especially if you are engaging in retail. With retail storage, you can easily reduce business or inventory clutter by getting an extra storage space in which you can place not-so-needed items or pallets. This way, all the items or inventory within your place of business are always of high-priority.

Security is always a big issue for any business. Not only you are protecting your inventory or business properties from outside thieves, but also from dishonest employees. By having a retail storage, you can place valuable inventory or business items outside of your business in a more secure location. A stock storage facility offers increase security in the form of security guards, limited entry hours, exterior lighting, surveillance cameras, gated and security fences.

Safety is very important for a business. Not only are you trying to avoid an expensive lawsuit, but to actually save human lives. Having dangerous items within the business premises may cause "accidents". You can store those items in a storage facility and grab them whenever you need them.

With stock storage, there are a few disadvantages that you should know about. However, most are not serious enough to disregard their usefulness. One disadvantage that is very obvious is that the facility is most likely located at a different place. This means, you may have to consider transportation cost. You can easily nullify this disadvantage by selecting a storage facility near your place of business.

Small Business Owner Storage

Running a home-based business, such as eBay or Amazon selling, can be rewarding. However, you may run into a few problems. One of the most common problems is storage insufficiency. It may be because your house is small or the garage is filling up fast. Perhaps, you may be living in a small apartment or the landlord won't allow such kind of things. Fortunately, there is an easy solution and that is small business storage. Small business storage is becoming more popular than ever. In fact, there's a good chance that you can find one along the route you travel frequently or close to home.

As an online seller, you may need a lot of inventory space, but not all items are needed to be shipped immediately. Furthermore, you may have a certain kind of inventory that is very difficult to organise in a home environment. Renting a business storage is a convenient and easy way of getting rid of such problems.

This is the first main advantage of business storage, it offers more inventory for your business. The more inventory space you can hold, the more you can buy items at wholesale price. Ultimately, this will bring you more profit.

Great Security
Business storage facilities offer great security for your business inventory. Most business storage facility features high fences, watch lights, guards and locks. Although it's true that it may not be like a maximum-security government facility, but it's a whole lot safer than your garage.

With business storage facilities, everything is not all about benefits. There are a few disadvantages as well. The biggest disadvantage is that the facility may be away from your base of operation and that entails transportation cost to say the least. You can minimise the disadvantage by choosing a facility near your home.

Another disadvantage is that it will cost additional money. However, the benefits that you get from your storage facility is well worth the money spent.

Online home-based selling is getting more popular than ever. If you have this kind of business, as your business grows, you are most likely going to run into storage problems. You can avoid future headaches by tackling the problem early on. Why not contact a storage facility near you right now and ask how and what they can do for your business.

Tradesmen Storage

If you are a tradesman, you probably rely on your tools in order to complete a project and earn a living. However, there may be times when you only require certain equipment, and find that you don't have space around the home to keep all your tools. Keeping tools and work equipment in a storage facility can have a number of benefits when compared to storing these items in a shed or garage. Tradesmen storage will provide you with 24-hour security - such as CCTV and on-site staff - so you know your items are safe and secure at all times. Here are just some of the benefits of tradesmen storage...

1. Access your equipment whenever you want to:
If your circumstances change, and you need equipment or tools for a particular project, you'll be able to access your belongings whenever you like. Some storage facilities even allow you to access your equipment 24 hours a day, seven days a week - ideal if you have agreed to complete a job at the last minute.

2. Choose a rental unit tailored to your requirements:
You will have a great deal of choice and flexibility when it comes to choosing a rental unit. Some of these units are about the size of a locker, while others are as large as a house, so you can decide on a storage solution that's best for you.

3. Different payment options:
You will need to consider the different payment options available to you when enlisting the services of a storage company. For example, some companies will charge you a deposit upfront in order to store your belongings, but then charge you a lower monthly fee thereafter. However other companies may not ask for a deposit, but charge you a higher monthly fee. Do your research and get a full quote before agreeing to a particular service - find out about monthly fees, the minimum rental period, and whether there are any additional costs.

Warehouse Storage

If your business is just starting and you need some storage space, it is better to lease warehouse storage space than to buy your own. This is for the simple fact that at the beginning, your business is unlikely to have the capital to afford your own. The cheaper way is to rent a space in a public warehouse where you can store your goods at a relatively cheap rate. So what are some of the pros and cons of warehouse storage for businesses?

Thanks to the storage system used in many warehouses, there is optimum utilisation of space. Both the horizontal (floor space) as well as the vertical space are used effectively to store commodities. Items can be stacked and they won’t get damaged. And your items are also safe because each pallet rack is fitted with a locking system.

Warehouses are appropriate for larger businesses who deal in products that are not perishable. If a business deals in products that can stay for a long time without getting bad, the owner will be able to utilise the space to the maximum and hence save money.

1) A warehouse is often located strategically so as to be reached easily.
2) Renting a warehouse means you can much more choice as to the size, thus cutting costs.
3) If you discontinue with your warehouse lease, there is no liability cost.
4) If you need more space, you can simply upgrade!

1) Sometimes, warehouses do not have specialised services even if you require them.
2) There is no guarantee that space will always be available at all times.
3) Over a very long period, renting does tend to be more expensive than buying.

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